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5 Reasons to Drive a Tesla Model X Today!

Looking to Drive a Tesla Model X? Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should   The future has arrived in style thanks to Elon Musk. The Tesla Model X was designed for families and is allegedly the safest, fastest, and most proficient SUV in history. It offers a range of features that are safe, comfortable, […]

Mechanisms behind your New Mercedes-Benz

Why A Mercedes Is Worth the Investment Mercedes-Benz creates incredibly powerful, safe, and sleek vehicles. Whether you’re looking at a Mercedes Benz A220, a Mercedes GLC, or a different model entirely, they are all a great choice!  Today we are going to go over the top reasons why investing in a Mercedes is a good […]

From Business to Backroad: Leasing a BMW in 2019

What Leasing a BMW Looks Like in 2019   No matter what type of BMW you get in 2019 be prepared to expect nothing less than the best. The new SUV and Sedan models from the BMW X5 to the BMW 750i are equipped with the latest technology, luxury, and speed.   Today we go […]

How To Master Off-Roading In Any Jeep

Tips and Tricks for Mastering Off-Roading If you love a good adventure, we’re right there with you. With the new 2019 Jeep series, there are so many great places to go off-roading!   It’s important to be safe as you go on your next outdoor adventure, however. Mastering all the little details of off-roading will […]

The Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Infiniti

3 Reasons 2019 is the Best Year to Buy an Infiniti It’s time to get a new car, and you know it’s got to be an Infiniti. But which one should you get? There’s the Infiniti Q50, an Infiniti Q60, an Infiniti QX30, and the list goes on.   Each model has its own benefits […]

5 Tips for Mercedes Owners in 2019

5 Things You Need To Know About Your 2019 Mercedes Benz Did you just sign a lease for a brand new 2019 Mercedes? This is an exciting time. As a new Mercedes owner, there are some things you should know about your new car. These tips and tricks will keep your new vehicle in mint […]

Finding the Right Tires for Your BMW in 2019

All About Getting the Best BMW Tires of 2019 When looking for tires for your 2019 BMW, you need to think carefully about what you are looking for. Different kinds of BMWs need different tires. For example, your 2019 BMW X5 needs a completely different set than your 2019 BMW 330i.   When choosing which […]

How to Take Care of Your Toyota Corolla

A Beginner’s Guide to Toyota Corolla Car Maintenance The exciting part of buying a car is always the purchase. The less exciting but no less important aspect is car maintenance.   It’s extremely important to keep your car in good working order to ensure that you’re able to get where you need to go at […]

The Great Debate: To Buy or to Lease?

All About How To Decide Between Buying and Leasing an Auto Vehicle   When it comes to buying a car, buyers have two choices: Buy or lease.   There are important factors to consider when deciding between purchasing a car and leasing one. It’s important to pick the choice that makes the most sense for […]

What in the World Are Virtual Showrooms?

What in the World is a Virtual Showroom? Everything You Need to Know About the Pros & Cons of Virtual Showrooms Virtual showrooms seem to be a trend of the not-so-distant future, and auto dealerships should be wary of this upcoming trend.   Surely, many of you can relate to this scenario:   You’re looking […]

Choosing Between a Sedan or an SUV

Everything You Need to Know to Choose Between a Toyota Camry and a Toyota Highlander So you’re getting ready to buy a car. We know the struggle. Choosing between a sedan and an SUV is an age-old struggle that car owners have. Toyota has so many great types of cars that it can be tough […]

Top 10 Toyota Car Leasing Deals in October 2018

Are you looking for Toyota cars on the lease?   We bring to you the top 10 Toyota car leasing deals in October 2018, with everyday low prices and unparalleled financing options.       2018 Toyota Camry Oz Leasing brings to you the 2018 Toyota Camry only for monthly lease payments of $287 with […]

10 Best Car Leasing Deals Under $249

Today more and more Americans are preferring to lease their cars instead of buying them. There are a number of reasons for this shift in people’s behavior. Whether you are a car enthusiast and you chase the thrill of driving different cars every few years or you have a budget limit and can only pay […]

Protect Your Car During Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael is fast approaching the Florida panhandle, and you should take every precaution to protect yourself and your property.  You should begin to immediately take steps to protect your home, like setting up shutters, bringing in outdoor furniture, and stocking up on water and instant meals. Even if you’re outside the evacuation zone, you may […]

Ultimate Land Rover Car Leasing Deals

Land Rover vehicles are some of the most desirable models available for leasing in the market today. These luxurious models are more than capable and offer excellent value, dependable service and sporty performance. They are manufactured with premium materials and advanced technology, and you can enjoy them on-road and off-road with complete confidence. Land Rover […]

Five Most Economic Car Leasing Deals In 2018

If you are looking for cheap car leasing deals then you have come to the right place. The best part about leasing your vehicle is that you can enjoy the experience of driving a new car every few years and without worrying about losing monetary value at the time of resale. With no fuss and […]

Why You Need To Lease a Jeep as Your New Vehicle

Why You Need To Lease a Jeep as your next new vehicle. An article about leasing a Jeep and finding the best lease deals in South Florida. Today, more and more Americans are looking for auto leasing deals when they need to get a new vehicle to drive. The idea of changing their cars every […]

Best Porsche Car Leasing Deals in 2018

Porsche would not be one of our favorite cars if the brand hadn’t shown the committed to perpetual improvement. The brand is all about having the next goal in sight as they come close to achieve the current goal. Is that why driving a Porsche is one of your many dreams? Luckily, Oz Leasing offers […]

5 Best Luxury Car Lease Deals

Go Up-Scale without Cleaning Up the Bank: If you are a car enthusiast or just a discerning consumer, but you don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for a luxury car, leasing it may just be the smarter and easier option. Some auto leasing companies do offer car leasing deals for premium and luxury car […]

7 Amazing SUV Lease Deals In September 2018

Versatility for Your Budget Range Whether you are planning for a day on the beach or a weekend trip to the mountains, you would agree that SUVs are great rides for summers. The need for some extra storage space becomes apparent when the coolers and backpacks keep coming. They may also be perfect for you all […]

3 Ways You Can Lower Your Auto Insurance Premiums Today!

It seems like insurance premiums are constantly on the rise – whether it be home, auto, health, or even life insurance. With any luck, your parents taught you about money, and that finding ways to save money were always a good thing! So, with these constant price increases and some good financial ‘sense’ instilled through […]

Is Leasing a Car a Good Idea?

When you decide that you need or want to look for the best new car deals, the most basic and rather important decision is to pick one from leasing vs. buying a car. However, before you actually make this decision it is only sensible that you first understand the terms and conditions that would come […]

Pros and Cons of Leasing: What Works Best for Your Budget?

Are you a victim of leasing vs. buying a car phenomenon? People of America are in the mood to spend, and they are leasing and buying new cars at an increasing rate. According to a study by an auto industry research company, the vehicles rolling on the U.S. highways, from cars, SUVs to trucks, have gone […]

Four Reasons Why Car Leasing Is Smarter Than Buying

We all know at least one person who considers leasing a car to be wasteful. However, if you actually work the numbers and do your research, you would find out that leasing a car might just be the smarter option to drive a new vehicle.   This advice is not just for people with day […]

Best Car to Buy

Car shopping is not an easy job and certainly nowhere was as simple as regular shopping. You can’t get a strapless car that has attachable sleeves and it can’t be treated as an accessory. A car is your forever partner and not to mention, a heavy purchase. So whatever choices you make while buying a […]

Best Car Deals near You

Buying a car can be stressful and often completely fruitless. You can’t just show up to a car showroom and look at what you find best the way you do with clothes. It needs prior commitment and research. For someone with no knowledge of cars whatsoever, it can be incredibly hard to land good deals. […]

Buy Or Lease? You Decide

Cars are almost a necessity in this day and age. You need transportation to get around the city and although there is public transport everywhere, everyone feels the need to upgrade to a personal vehicle at some point in their lives. And that is when we all start looking for cars to buy or loan. […]

Car Lease Calculator in The Palm Of Your Hands

Do you need a car but don’t have enough money to buy it at once? Are you looking for loans to finance your ride? Do you have trouble calculating your car lease? Well, stop worrying because now you can put your internet connection to good use by calculating your car lease online. Yes, that IS […]

Florida Court Outlaws License Plate Frames

Florida Court Outlaws License Plate Frames Florida Court of Appeal finds common, dealer-issued license plate frames are illegal. License plate frame Driving in Florida with a license plate frame is illegal under a state Court of Appeal ruling handed down Wednesday. A three-judge panel overturned a Miami-Dade County judge’s decision declaring that Officer Carl Sanabria illegally […]

Fort Lauderdale’s Best Acura Lease Deals

Summer is almost here, and we can think of no better way to kick off a season of fun in the sun than by getting the lease deal of a lifetime on a new Acura. If you’re in the market for an affordable ride that offers all the comforts of a luxury vehicle, a 2018 [...]

Hollywood’s Newest Auto Company Takes All the Pressure Out of Car Buying

Oz Opens Downtown Hollywood, Fl Location [Hollywood, Florida, March 27th, 2018] The Ft. Lauderdale auto broker that brought the future of auto leasing through an intuitive online process is opening a never-before seen car dealership experience in Hollywood. With the announcement of the new Hollywood location, they’re taking the seamless experience from their website and [...]

3 Ways To Improve The Performance of Your Truck

We spend a lot of money on our vehicles – and a lot of time driving them – so it only makes sense that we would seek ways to get the most “bang for our buck”, as some would say, in terms of performance. This is especially true when it comes to you truck owners. [...]

Best Lexus Lease Deals Fort Lauderdale

Featured 2018 Lexus Lease Deals If you are in the market to lease a new 2018 vehicle and cruise down the famous Fort Lauderdale Strip this Spring, then you are in luck. The high-quality line of Lexus vehicles is for those drivers who want the luxury car look and feel but without the strain of [...]

Featured BMW Lease Deals in Fort Lauderdale: The 2018 BMW X5

This week we want to feature one of the market's best-selling luxury midsize SUVs from one of the world’s most famous luxury automakers. If you value a vehicle lease that is both practical and accommodating, keep reading because we’ve got a deal for you! The BMW X5 is a luxuriously appointed SUV that is fine-tuned [...]

Miami’s Best BMW Lease Deals

As spring kicks off, many Miami drivers are looking for the best lease deals on new 2018 models. This week, we’ve taken a look through our BMW catalog to find the best deals we can offer. Luxury models are extremely popular among lessees in 2018. More drivers are choosing to drive the latest and greatest [...]

Featured Fort Lauderdale Lease Deal: The Nissan Altima

As part of our ongoing to commitment to connect Ft Lauderdale’s drivers with the best lease deals we can find nationwide, we’ve dug through the catalog and selected one of the best deals in the midsize sedan segment. With the popularity of crossovers in the current market, sometimes those who prefer the classic four-door sedan [...]

Featured Miami Lease Deal: The Nissan Rogue

As a part of our ongoing commitment to connect Miami drivers with the city’s best deals, we are going to talk about one of the market’s top contenders in its class. One that we think offers terrific value to drivers this season. The Nissan Rogue is a compact SUV providing drivers an affordable entry into [...]

Best Zero Down Miami Lease Deals: 2018

Your Guide to 2018's Best Deals Fair weather is right around the corner here in Miami. And what better way to enjoy it than by getting the best deal on a new lease? Our leasing experts have done all the hard work for you and scanned our vast inventory of leading brands to hand-pick the [...]

Open vs. Closed-End Auto Leasing – What’s the Difference?

SummaryArticle NameOpen vs. Close Auto Leasing Agreements – What's Best for You?DescriptionGet a Closer Look and Better Understanding of the Two Types of Auto Leasing Agreements and the Benefits to Each Type of Auto Lease.Author Kyle Rougeux Publisher Name Oz Leasing Publisher Logo

Should You Buy Your Leased Car?

Understanding Lease Purchase Options One of the most attractive parts of auto leasing is the flexibility. You can buy your leased car at the end of the term or swap it out for a brand-new vehicle. If you are approaching the end of your lease term, you might be wondering whether using your purchase option […]

Insuring a Leased Car – What You Need to Know

Driving brand new cars every couple of years with low monthly costs is a great option to have, but all that money you save won’t mean anything if you end up having to pay huge out of pocket expenses after an accident. Before signing any lease agreement, it’s important to understand how to get appropriately […]

Everything You Need to Know about Auto Leasing

SummaryArticle NameCar Leasing Process: Detailed Tips to Get the Most Out of Auto LeasingDescriptionComplete Auto Leasing Guide that thoroughly Explains the Car Leasing Process, Breaking Down Your Payment and How to Get the Most Out of Your Lease.Author Kyle Rougeux Publisher Name Oz Leasing Publisher Logo

This Month’s Best Lease Deals Under $299

If driving a new car is on your list of new year’s resolutions, you’re in luck. There are many attractive lease offers this January on 2017 and 2018 model year vehicles. As vehicle prices continue to rise, finding the best lease deals allows you to drive the most reliable models with industry-leading safety and tech […]

Your Best December Lease Deals on Featured 2018 Luxury Cars

SummaryArticle NameBest December Lease Deals on Featured 2018 Luxury CarsDescriptionA list of the best lease deals for luxury vehicles 2018Author Kyle Rougeux Publisher Name Oz Leasing Publisher Logo

Your Best December Lease Deals on Featured 2018 Sports Cars

The competition is fierce among 2018’s new sports car models, with base models offering impressive horsepower, torque, and handling to really give you the muscle power you deserve. Even standard trim packages are astounding this year around, with most offering full smartphone integration, a host of driver safety technologies, and extensive comfort and entertainment features.  [...]

4 Luxury Cars to Lease with Advanced Tech Features

2018 is almost here! You know what that means? With a new year, it might be time to upgrade your lease. And the latest luxury makes and models include a host of advanced technology features sure to please any luxury car fan! With so many lease options, you might feel overwhelmed this holiday season. Many [...]

The Powerful Advantages of the Oz Auto Lease Calculator

When leasing a car, you want to choose the best car available for your budget. However, that isn’t always as easy as it sounds. You have to find the right year, brand, and model that fits both your personality and your bank account. To make things even more difficult, you’ll often have a slick salesperson [...]

5 Benefits to Take Advantage of on Your First Auto Lease

If you’re in the market for a brand new luxury car, you are probably thinking mostly about the make, model, color, and pricing. But once you’re through with those decisions, the next big thing you want to focus on is if you wish get your first auto lease or buy it with financing. Are there advantages of [...]

Black Friday Frenzy: $500 Off Your Due at Signing on Any Make or Model

Auto Leasing Holiday Season Special: Good Now Through Sunday, November 27th! This weekend only, you can sign a lease a brand new car and get $500 off your due at signing. Depending on your preferred vehicle and payment plan, that could equate to taking a few months’ payment off your lease! That’s half a thousand […]

Leasing 101: Five Money Saving Facts About Auto Leasing

Want to know Five Fabulous Facts about auto leasing? Suppose you suddenly need a new vehicle. You have three options: buying, leasing, or renting. You typically only rent for a short period, which won’t prove ideal in most scenarios. While you still don’t own the car, auto leasing has tons of advantages over buying that […]

How To Get The Best Auto Lease Using These 5 Insider Tips

Do you ever dream about driving a fancy sports car, even way out of your price range? You probably do if you’re like anyone else. Thankfully, you don’t have to go into huge debt shelling out the full price or taking a high-interest loan. There are better alternatives to make your dreams a reality and […]

5 of the Best Car Lease Deals Going on Right Now – November 2017

Looking for the best hassle-free lease offer on a brand new luxury car? Oz Leasing has the perfect solution! Every month Oz Leasing announces spectacular lease deals on some of the finest luxury cars across brands. Available on select models, these exciting monthly deals entitle you to a host of additional benefits on top of our […]

5 Tips for Staying Safe on Your Motorcycle This Summer

You’ve been waiting months: the suns finally out, the roads are finally clear, and your bike is all shined up and ready to go. Of course you want to enjoy your long awaited two-wheeled freedom, but it’s important to do so in a smart and responsible way, as you’ve probably heard millions of times before. […]

Benefits of Leasing a 2018 Nissan Altima

Choosing a new car to drive is exciting. It’s even better when you’re leasing. When you’re leasing a car, you get to choose a brand new car that’s just right for you.  One of your best options? The 2018 Nissan Altima. Not only is the 2018 Nissan Altima a beautiful car, but it also comes […]

The Benefits of Leasing the 2018 Honda Accord

Selecting a car is a big decision. If you aren’t quite ready to purchase a car, then leasing might be for you.  If you’re in the market for a lease, look no further than the 2018 Honda Accord. Although the Accord has historically been one of Honda’s most reliable options each year, drivers will still be […]

The Benefits of Leasing the 2018 Mercedes C300

Why Lease the 2018 Mercedes C300? So if you haven’t heard, the new Mercedes C300 is an awesome vehicle with amazing handling, power, and comfort amenities. It can be yours for a low monthly lease with a zero downpayment through Oz Leasing. First, for any new car, you have a few options: buying it, renting, […]

Benefits of Leasing a 2017 Lexus IS 200t

Leasing the Lexus IS 200t Looking for a powerful luxury car but don’t have the wallet size? Your best bet is probably the newest Lexus IS! The IS (or Intelligent Sports) series provides a solid balance of performance, comfort, and convenience. With its debut in 1999, the IS series is now in its third generation. […]

Leasing vs. Buying a Car: What’s Right for You?

Leasing vs. buying a car Your vehicle is one of the most important things that you use on a daily basis. Whether it’s driving to work, picking up kids, or meeting up with friends, your car is usually what gets you there. Unfortunately, cars also cost money. However, paying cash or taking out a loan […]

Oz Leasing Partners with Auto Manufacturers Nationwide to Provide Hurricane Irma & Hurricane Harvey Victims with Lowest Leasing Rates Ever

          Hurricane Irma, along with Hurricane Harvey has devastated a vast population of the United States. Several Automakers are preparing for large volumes of vehicle replacements, and with this preparation, special disaster relief discounts on cars, trucks, and SUV’s. Oz Leasing has partnered with many manufacturers to aid victims of these recent […]

Protect Your Car During Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma is fast approaching mainland Florida, and you should take every precaution to protect yourself and your property. In fact, the state has issued a mandatory evacuation order for all Broward residents east of Federal Highway. You should begin to immediately take steps to protect your home, like setting up shutters, bringing in outdoor […]

How to end your car lease without issues

Your car lease is ending soon. Looking at the dent in the driver’s door, you wonder if you’ll be charged for it.

Run your startup the Toyota way

Toyota is known for its manufacturing efficiency. We’ve probably all heard that if a worker on the Camry line sees a problem.

Honda Clarity grows from one-shot to series

This year, the Honda Clarity adds two new versions: an all-electric car and a plug-in hybrid. Granted, the fuel cell Clarity is technically an electric car.