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How To Master Off-Roading In Any Jeep

Tips and Tricks for Mastering Off-Roading

If you love a good adventure, we’re right there with you. With the new 2019 Jeep series, there are so many great places to go off-roading!


It’s important to be safe as you go on your next outdoor adventure, however. Mastering all the little details of off-roading will make you a safe and savvy driver.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Before you jump in your Jeep Grand Cherokee and take off for the hills, make sure you’re fully prepared. Having a game plan in mind ensures that there are no surprises out there on the trail.

Check Oil and Washer Fluid

Make sure that you have a full tank of washer fluid and that you’re not in need of an oil change. You’ll need plenty of washer fluid so that you can clear your windows and see through the debris you’ll build up.


Your oil is just as important. You don’t want to get stuck out in the wilderness because you didn’t change your oil in time. Make sure your vehicle is fully serviced and ready to roll before you go on your trip.

Top Up Radiator Fluid

Going on rough terrain can strain the engine of even the best Jeep Compass. Make sure that you have plenty of engine coolant in the car before you head off on your journey!

Inspect Your Car

Off-roading adventures are notorious for producing popped tires. Don’t let that happen to you! Inspect your tires before you leave to make sure you don’t need to change them out.


Use a penny to check the tread of your tires. If you can see Abe Lincoln’s head, it’s time for a tire change.


Don’t just leave it at the tires. Make sure all your vehicle lights are working properly. Having a light out can be a big problem in foggy areas or when it starts to get dark.


You’ll also want to check that all your seatbelts are working properly. Off-roading trips can get rough, and your safety should be a top priority. Don’t risk an injury — get your seatbelts and carseats fixed before you go.

Get the Right Gear

Off-roaders have a lot of gear available to them. Know what you need to get on your vehicle before you head off on your adventure.

New Tires

There are plenty of different tire options out there for people who like to go off the road. One option is mud tires. These tires make sure your vehicle has the traction it needs to get through muddy and swampy spots.


All-terrain tires are great if you plan on going to different landscapes. If you’re heading to a beach that’s rocky at one point and sandy at another, all-terrain tires are a good choice for you.

Skid Plates

Your Jeep Wrangler won’t just look great with skid plates, it’ll protect it too! Skid plates protect your vehicle from impact and flying debris. These are great if you plan on driving in rocky areas.


Are you ready to hop in your Jeep and take to the trails? Give Oz Leasing a call and we’ll get you a new car lease!


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