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From Business to Backroad: Leasing a BMW in 2019

What Leasing a BMW Looks Like in 2019


No matter what type of BMW you get in 2019 be prepared to expect nothing less than the best. The new SUV and Sedan models from the BMW X5 to the BMW 750i are equipped with the latest technology, luxury, and speed.


Today we go from business to backroad by exploring two of the best BMW’s on the market. These vehicles feature the latest technology, safety, and comfort. Whether you are looking to take your clients for a luxurious ride downtown in the BMW 750i or flaunt the future of driving down a California mountainside in a BMW X5 you are in for a ride. Let’s explore these two models, but the options are endless- you decide.

From Business to Backroad: Leasing a BMW in 2019 1



Top of the line technology defines the new series of BMW’s in today’s market. Currently, BMW models come with full digital displays for optimal safety. 3D surround view covers these vehicles in real time for heightened awareness on the road, and if you are in any of the SUV models-off the road.


The new BMWs can practically drive themselves. They come with frontal collision warnings, blind spot monitors, rear-view cross-traffic alerts, pedestrian protection, and lane keeping assist with your hands on or off the wheel.


BMW upped its game by adding a camera that actually tracks your eyes and a sensor that detects your head to be sure that you are paying attention. It shoots you a warning and even slows down the vehicle at a safe pace. That way, the vehicle ensures the driver is a-okay.


All these features and more come when you lease a new BMW X5 or BMW 750i. Let’s move forward and catch a look at the built-in luxury features when you lease any of the new BMW’s.




Both the BMW 750i and X5 are equipped with wireless chargers, a panoramic sunroof, tons a passenger leg room windshields made of acoustic glass and seats covered in Napa leather.

But there is more you can grab any of the new BMWs with features like massage seats, heating or cooling cup holders as well as heating or cooling seats in both the front and rear portions of the cabin. This stylish ride is sure to impress anyone who steps inside while providing comfort for a long trip.

Lease a modern vehicle

Speed and Special Features


The BMW 750i is a graceful business cruiser. It silently speeds from 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds.  It has an 8-speed automatic engine and 523 horsepower, and the back seat comes with sunshades, armrests and climate control. The powerful 8-speed engine can switch between sport, comfort, and eco-pro mode.


Switching circuits to the BMW X5 takes you for a wild ride that is better set up for off-roading than ever before. This SUV can speed up to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds and has a 335 horsepower engine. You can take it for a ride across the country through sand, rock, gravel, snow, and high descent modes.


Whether you are in search of an SUV or Sedan 2019 offers new versions of the BMW X1, BMW X3, BMW X5, BMW 750i BMW 740i BMW 530i, and BMW 330i. From business to back roads these cars have high speed, luxury features and of course the latest and greatest technology.

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