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What in the World Are Virtual Showrooms?

What in the World is a Virtual Showroom?

Everything You Need to Know About the Pros & Cons of Virtual Showrooms

Virtual showrooms seem to be a trend of the not-so-distant future, and auto dealerships should be wary of this upcoming trend.


Surely, many of you can relate to this scenario:


You’re looking to buy a new car and you’ve been at it for hours. First, you have to decide between new and used cars. Then there’s the question of which model and make to purchase. And then, to top it all off, you have to deal with the pushy, aggressive sales associates who claim that their deal is the best!


In recent studies, data has proven that the majority of car buyers feel that car salespeople aren’t even necessary.


With most customers already researching their desired quality and specifications online, they feel that they can sell themselves on which vehicle to purchase.


Virtual showrooms are here to take away the majority of the pains that come with buying a car. While these do provide a lot of benefits, that doesn’t mean that virtual showrooms are a bulletproof system; they have their pros and cons.

What Makes Virtual Showrooms So Special, Anway?

Virtual showrooms can be extremely beneficial in comparison to physical auto dealers.

Customer Convenience

With virtual reality, the dealer is required to procure specific VR technologies. These include headsets and goggles that can be costly to buy and use.


With augmented reality, the customer must be in the same room as the dealer to obtain the information they are looking for.


Virtual showrooms are by far the most convenient to the consumer. You get the same high level of customer service you are used to in-store, but you don’t have to leave your home!


Using virtual showrooms allows the customer to explore the specs of the car with a real-time representative who can show you in-depth details of the model of your choosing.

Less Retail Space

Dealerships can save a lot of money on overhead costs by utilizing virtual showrooms. By allowing customers to stay in the comfort of their homes while browsing your inventory, there is no longer a need to have an open floor space to showcase cars.


Not only can car dealers save physical space, but they also get the benefit of not paying as many sales staff.

The Struggles of Virtual Showrooms

While offering multiple benefits, there are certain drawbacks that pertain to moving a physical business to an online presence.

Complicated Financing Options

Specifically, when it comes to financing a car, online marketplaces limit one’s financial flexibility when trying to acquire a loan.


Normally, you would go to your preferred lender when getting a car financing loan. However, virtual showroom options can limit this freedom by only providing set payment plans.

No Test Drives

This is where the customer has to take on some risk, unfortunately.


An important aspect of every driver’s car choice is how it feels and performs. Sure, it’s important to make sure that the physical appearance, color, and add-ons are all featured.


But, if the car just doesn’t feel right to you, it can become a make-or-break deal. With a physical location, the customer is able to take their car for a spin.


Virtual Showrooms Going Forward

While virtual showrooms and the technology accompanying it have experienced rapid levels of growth, the data they encompass is limited.


Virtual showrooms showcasing information on popular models such as the Toyota Corolla, Camry, and Highlanders can be trusted as these models are fully-indexed and available to the users.


Newer models introducing ground-breaking technologies may have limited amounts of data on them. This often leads to a disparity between the features the virtual showroom displays and what the car is actually equipped with.


Head over to our listings page, to see showrooms on popular models like the new 2019 models of Toyota Corollas, Camrys, Highlanders, and Tacomas and get the best deal today.


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