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Oz Leasing Partners with Auto Manufacturers Nationwide to Provide Hurricane Irma & Hurricane Harvey Victims with Lowest Leasing Rates Ever

Hurricane Irma, along with Hurricane Harvey has devastated a vast population of the United States. Several Automakers are preparing for large volumes of vehicle replacements, and with this preparation, special disaster relief discounts on cars, trucks, and suvs. Oz Leasing has partnered with many manufacturers to aid victims of these recent hurricanes to include:

BMW Hurricane Incentives, which include: hundreds of dollars off on most new BMW models.

Ford Hurricane Incentives, which include: discounts on any new models from 2016-2018.

Hyundai Hurricane Incentives, which include: hundreds of dollars in discounts on all new models.

Nissan Hurricane Incentives, which include: employee pricing and discounts on a large range of vehicles.

General Motors Hurricane Incentives, which include: hundreds of dollars of savings on all vehicles for victims of Hurricane Harvey. They have yet to release their discounts for Hurricane Irma victims. Give us a call, and we’ll see how we can help you.


And there are much more automobile manufacturers as well. Disaster relief and assistance is something almost all automakers participate in, so call in regards to any questions on any vehicle make and model. As Hurricane Harvey hit Texas pretty hard, it’s estimated that near 1,000,000 vehicles will need to be replaced. With an estimated Billions of dollars required to help rebuild the city of Houston and other surrounding cities, this is a huge step in helping lower those costs. With Hurricane Irma, many areas of Florida were hit directly with category 3 and 4 Hurricane conditions. As many people are still without power and internet connections, Florida is still re-building many structures which could take months, and for some areas even years. Here at Oz Leasing, we have reached out, and created partnerships for discounts with these large automakers and we are ready to help anyone in need of a vehicle lease. So pick up the phone and call to get your new lease today!  Call Us Today at or email info@ozleasing.com with any questions or quotes.

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