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2019 BMW 650i Convertible

MSRP $99295

20 Efficiency
Top Speed
0-60 MPH

2019 BMW 650i Convertible Leasing Information

A full sensory experience. A connection to the world. That’s what the BMW 650i has to offer.

For those who have been around convertibles, they know that tops can be a hassle to take down and put up. However, BMW has solved that problem. When driving up to 25 mph, drivers can take the automatic top down in just 19 seconds and can put it back up in only 24 seconds. If you don’t want the top all the way down, you can enter into California Mode. California Mode drops down just the rear heated window to provide you with a small breeze.

The immersive environment carries over into the interior of the car. With its driver-oriented focus, the BMW 650i Convertible has everything that you could want or need. The iDrive 6.0 technology is sophisticated enough to recognize speech patterns so that everything is customized to the driver.

However, the best part about the 650i Convertible is the driving experience. The powerful 4.4-liter TwinPower Turbo V8 engine that gets 445 horsepower provides what you need in any environment.

BMW 650i Convertible FAQs

Q: This is my first time leasing a car. What are the benefits?

A: The most significant benefit for many is the flexibility that leasing a car offers. No matter how much time you need the car or how many miles you need to drive, there is a plan for you. Without committing to purchase, you get all of the benefits that BMW has to offer.

Q: Can I share my car?

A: No, you cannot share your car with anyone who is not listed in your contract. To do so would open you up to liability and fines. Contact your lease agent to add someone to your contract.

Q: I didn’t know what I needed when I signed my lease. Can I make adjustments?

A: The flexibility of leasing a vehicle allows for several adjustments. You can change anything from the number of miles that you can drive to the length of your lease to the people who can drive your car. Call your lease agent to see what they can do for you.

Q: What happens at the end of my contract?

A: At the end of your contract, you can go in several directions. You can choose to move on from leasing, you can extend your contract, you can choose a new car, or you can pay the difference and purchase the car that you’ve been driving. It’s entirely up to you.

Q: If I damage my car, do I have to pay for it?

A: Yes. When you sign your contract, you agree that all damages, repairs, and maintenance costs are your responsibility.

BMW 650i Convertible Lease Deals

At Oz Leasing, our goal is to make your life easier. Our do-it-yourself approach eliminates the headaches of dealing with a salesperson. You can adjust all of your options to compare prices so that you can select a vehicle that meets your budget.

We even take care of the negotiations for you.

Once you’ve filled out your application and have been accepted, we deliver the car straight to your home!