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2020 BMW 535i Gran Turismo

MSRP $61895

22 Efficiency
Top Speed
0-60 MPH

2019 BMW 535i Gran Turismo Leasing Specials & Information

A 5-door liftback, the  BMW 535i Gran Turismo is unlike any other option in its class. Modeled after the previous generation’s 7-series, the 535i Gran Turismo takes all of the best elements and joins them with new features.

The 535i Gran Turismo makes a strong impression with its exterior. Its double kidney grille and LED headlights grab everyone’s attention, and the long, sleek body holds that attention. From the rims to the windows, BMW perfected even the smallest details with this year’s model.

Inside the 535i Gran Turismo, there’s plenty of space. For those who want the space of an SUV and the mobility of a smaller vehicle, the 535i Gran Turismo is perfect. Added to the convenience of space is impressive technology. With its driver-centered focus, the 535i Gran Turismo features leather seats, the BMW Navigation system, dual-zone air conditioning, and more.

Under the hood, the BMW 535i Gran Turismo is just as impressive. The standard model features a straight turbocharged 6-cylinder with all-wheel drive.

BMW 535i Gran Turismo Leasing FAQ

Q: What are some benefits of leasing a 2017 BMW 535i Gran Turismo?

A: There are several benefits. However, the primary advantage of leasing a  BMW 535i Gran Turismo is that you get all of the benefits of driving a BMW without the commitment of actually making a purchase. With a low monthly payment, leasing a BMW is hassle-free.

Q: Can I let my friend drive my leased car?

A: If your friend is not approved on your lease, they cannot drive your car. In fact, nobody can drive your car without you getting them approved on your lease first. If you do allow them to drive it, you open yourself up to liability and penalties. To add someone to your lease, contact your lease agent.

Q: Is it possible to make adjustments to my lease agreement?

A: Absolutely! Leases aren’t set in stone, and you can make specific changes to it at any time. Whether it’s adding miles to your agreement or adding extra drivers, you can contact your lease agent to see what changes you can make.

Q: If I fall in love with the BMW 535i Gran Turismo, can I purchase it?

A: Yes, it happens all the time. After driving a car for a year or two, many people find that they want to keep their car even longer than the lease period. When they pay off the difference in the car at the end of the lease, it’s theirs to keep.

Q: Am I responsible for any damage?

A: Yes, you’re responsible for all damages, repairs, and general maintenance fees.

 BMW 535i Gran Turismo Lease Deals


2019 BMW 535i Gran Turismo Lease Deals

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