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2020 Mercedes-Benz E300 Lease Specials

MSRP $55195

Top Speed
0-60 MPH

Mercedes-Benz E300 Lease Specials & Information

The Mercedes E-Class vehicles are truly a leap forward in technology as smart cars, while maintaining the class sporty appeal. This cutting edge power vehicle offers the latest in comfort, class, and connectivity, making you feel large and in charge! All models of this class are 4 doors that fit comfortably 5 passengers in the sedan, 7 in the wagon, and 4 with the coupe and convertible. The spacious luxury interior is furnished with only the best premium synthetic leather and a multitude of cutting edge safety features.

The most striking innovative feature is the array of driver-assist technology that allows for semi-autonomous navigation similar to that of a Tesla’s Autopilot, only with the need for the driver to “check-in” occasionally by touching the steering wheel. The program, Drive Pilot, will automatically adjust the speed with the traffic and even safely change lanes after a few seconds when you switch on the turning signal. Additional add-on features can include smart automatic parking, blind-spot monitoring, and rear and surround-view cameras. The Pre-Safe safety technology will inflate the side interior to push the driver to the safer side in an onside collision, and it will emit a pink sound to lessen hearing damage in a crash.
The 2019 E300 is an advanced smart car without compromising any of the muscle and style of a typical sports car!

Mercedes-Benz E300 Lease FAQs

Q: What’s the benefit of leasing over buying a car?
A: Leasing allows you to use a car for a set period of months or expected mileage without committing to a full purchase. Many people choose to lease when they cannot afford the car they want or need a car for a short term basis. At Oz Leasing you have unlimited options to easily mix and match make and models, colors, optional features, and payment options at your leisure through our customized plans tailored to your needs. Call us today!

Q: Can anyone else drive my leased car?
A: Unless their names are listed in your contract as designated drivers, it’s not recommended you allow them to drive. Contact your lease agent to update your contract if the need arises.

Q: Is it okay to make changes to my lease after signing?
A: Yes! You are free to add miles or otherwise modify your contract after signing. It will usually be cheaper to add miles instead of renewing an expired contract. Plan carefully, but don’t be afraid to contact us as you need.

Q: What happens if there I notice any damage to my vehicle during my lease?
A: When you lease out a car from Oz Leasing, you take full responsibility for any damages and needed repairs. We regularly inspect our inventory to ensure the highest quality to assure complete satisfaction. If you have a major concern, contact us and we can discuss a possible trade-in for your lease.

Mercedes-Benz E300 Lease Deals

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