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2020 Chevrolet Cruze

MSRP $20995

33 Efficiency
125 Top Speed
7.0 0-60 MPH

2019 Chevrolet Cruze Leasing Specials & Information

Lease the Chevrolet Cruze today for the lowest price nationwide. Since its initial release, the Chevrolet Cruze has been a popular companion for many drivers – and with good reason. In addition to its entry-level price tag the Cruze manages to be an all-around pleasant drive with a generous fuel economy, accommodating quarters, and just enough performance to tackle the everyday challenges of the road.

Now available in a hatchback, the Cruze offers unmatched practicality for daily use. In true Chevrolet fashion, there is a heavy focus on technology. The touchscreen radio, 4G LTE connectivity and Wi-Fi hotspot, rearview camera and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto for smartphone integration.

The Cruze sports an incredibly stylish interior at its price, featuring higher-than-average quality materials and eye-catching design. The sleek and modern interior is complemented by the intuitive MyLink system, putting the generous list of technology features at your fingertips on a 7-inch touchscreen display.

As an affordable daily driver, it’s hard to find any fault in the Cruze.

Chevrolet Cruze Lease FAQ

Q: When will I get my security deposit back?

A: Your security deposit will be returned to you, less any amounts owed under your lease agreement, within 60 days of returning your leased Chevy Cruze.

Q: What happens if I move to a different state with my Chevy Cruze lease?

A: If you move states with a Chevy lease, immediately notify your lease company. In addition to changing your billing address and the car’s “garaged” address, sales tax rates may be different between your old location and the new one, and your payments may need to be changed accordingly.

Q: Is it better to buy or lease a Chevy Cruze?

A: This varies depending on your lifestyle and financial situation. Leasing gives you the unique flexibility of driving the newest Chevy models without committing to ownership. When your lease is over, you can turn it in and hop right into a brand-new Chevy.

2019 Chevrolet Cruze Lease Deals

Oz Leasing is proud to offer the most affordable Chevy lease deals nationwide. Right on our website, you can customize your dream car and have it delivered directly to you. We’ll match send your request to our network of certified dealers and show you the best available deals. 

We want to put you in the newest Chevy Cruze models at the best price possible, without making you leave the comfort of your home. With just a few clicks, you can get behind the wheel of your Chevy Cruze today.