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2020 BMW M760i xDrive Sedan

MSRP $162095

13 City / 20 Hwy Efficiency
130 MPH Top Speed
5.4 Seconds 0-60 MPH

BMW M760i Lease Deals, Specials, Incentives & Details

Now, it can be easy to get a gorgeous BMW M760i lease and enjoy premium luxury and performance. Making the most of your everyday commute or impressing co-workers on the drive to work is guaranteed with the near-endless amount of features and uncompromising quality construction of the M760i from BMW. You’ll command the road with 600 horsepower that will take you from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds. All of this can be had with the quick and easy leasing process from Oz leasing.

The 2020 BMW M760i features a brand new enhanced set of active safety features that ensure no matter where you go you’ll bring with you industry-leading safety and protection. Lane departure warning helps to alert you whenever you might start to drift from your driving lane. Dual-stage driver and passenger airbags, along with driver and passenger knee airbags will protect you in case of a collision. Back up camera, front cameras, and both left and right side cameras give you total situational awareness at all times, so parking becomes a breeze, even in tight spots.

If you particularly dislike parking, with the BMW M760i, the remote parking feature can take care of the trouble for you. The included key-fob has a range of 900 ft. and come with a touchscreen that displays key details of your car, including the current range of miles and you can easily program what time you are leaving to have your car start it’s air conditioning or heating automatically.

Using the BMW app to start your vehicle provides much more distance in terms of range from the vehicle. On the included tablet within the car, you can easily control interior lighting, ambient lighting, sun protection, seats, climate functions, media and radio settings, and navigation information.

For long road trips, the in-car fridge is perfect for keeping your refreshments cool after long hours spent driving. Air conditioning is prevalent throughout the car to make sure the environment is comfortable regardless of where you or your passengers are seated. The front a/c has dual-zone coverage with automatic settings and separately available controls for the rear seats. Heated mirrors make sure that ice or snow never impair your vision or ability to drive safely.

Some features that set the BMW M760i in a class of its own include:

– Adaptive headlights that point in the direction you’re steering

– The BMW heads-up display showing your speed limit and relevant driving information

– Comfort Access System with hands-free trunk access and automatic locking

– Dynamic Stability Control enhancing vehicle control, even in rugged or adverse conditions

– Navigation System Professional with 3D features and real-time traffic along routes

Leasing a BMW M760i is a great option for those looking to always stay abreast of new features and the best that BMW has to offer.

For a low monthly payment, you can drive a stylish brand new car that you’re sure to never get bored with. Leasing costs less monthly than buying does, and taxes occur on monthly payments – not on upfront costs, so if you’re using your new BMW M760i for business, you can take advantage of higher deductibles at tax time. Down payments are also far less than if you were to purchase the car new from a dealership.

If you’d like to have money for the other costs of life while still driving a new and beautiful vehicle, then leasing is the way to go. Because the car is new, you’ll have far less worry over the car breaking down due to maintenance or wear issues. Depreciation isn’t a problem with a lease (unlike owning a car) since you don’t own the vehicle, you won’t be liable for the value it loses over time. If at the end of your lease you decide you’d like to buy it, you’ll often end up paying far less than the cost new from the sales floor.

With so many reasons to lease your new vehicle and so many opulent features, it’s hard to say no to the superior performance and craftsmanship of the BMW M760i. This car is truly the pinnacle of driving excellence and the flagship of BMW’s line of luxury sport sedans. Enjoy sophistication and unparalleled style, without the massive upfront costs and liability of owning the vehicle yourself. Leasing a high-end vehicle with Oz Leasing can be an incredibly liberating and empowering experience.

Most of us want an elegant, state-of-the-art vehicle, but the costs associated with buying a brand new car can be astronomical. With the BMW 760i in the garage, you’ll appreciate the standard Active Comfort Drive with Road Preview features that detect changes in the upcoming road, so you can be assured a silk-smooth ride while the suspension makes perfect adjustments without a second thought. Your passengers will enjoy the Touch Command Tablet that offers infotainment controls as well as seat adjustments and driving information.

Power-closing doors and a hands-free trunk make it a breeze to enter or leave the vehicle or stash away a set of golf clubs, or any other gear you find necessary. A dual-pane panoramic sunroof allows just the amount of sunlight through the roof, or none if that’s your choice. Adaptive air suspension will have you feeling like you’re gliding on the air while the spacious back seating area allows everyone to feel comfortable and at home. The interior is exceptionally quiet, while a full 41.4 inches of legroom and seating for 5 make space a plentiful commodity.

The BMW 760i is the finest vehicle on the road today, and now you can drive one without the need for tremendous up-front cost and outrageous interest-rates with Oz leasing. Getting more out of your driving experience has never before been so enjoyable and fulfilling. The 760i has everything you need to turn an ordinary drive into an experience to be cherished. Each day, when we choose to make the most of our commute we give ourselves the best possible opportunity to renew our senses and perform at our best. By leasing the BMW 760, that can be a reality today.