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2020 Ford Expedition

MSRP $64715

19 Efficiency
120 Top Speed
6.5 0-60 MPH

Ford Expedition Lease Information


Lease the Ford Expedition today for the lowest price nationwide. In a market that heavily favors crossovers over traditional SUVs, the Ford Expedition proves that the utility and power of the SUV still has a place. If you are the kind of driver who values having a vehicle that can get the job done, no matter what that may be, the Expedition built with you in mind.

The Expedition’s beefy turbocharged V6 provides plenty of power that doesn’t just make

for confident highway merging and passing, but allows towing of up to 9,200 pounds properly equipped. With seating for up to 8 passengers in its spacious interior, the Expedition is a capable family hauler, work truck, or daily commuter.


The Expedition’s interior is remarkably high class for a vehicle so focused on utility. The high-quality materials and intelligent layout and design give the whole cabin a delightfully upscale look and feel. Ford’s Sync 3 infotainment system gives the driver a handsome and easy to use interface to control the vehicle’s various functions.


Ford Expedition Lease FAQ


Q: Where can I read more about the Ford Expedition lease end process?


A: For more info about Ford leasing policies, you can visit the manufacturer’s website here or ask one of our friendly car leasing experts.


Q: What is the final inspection like for a Ford Expedition lease?


A: Lease end inspections are handled differently by different manufacturers. You can learn more about Ford’s lease end inspection process here, or ask one our friendly car leasing experts.

Q: Should I purchase my Ford Expedition or lease it?


A: Leasing a car often has a lower monthly payment than buying and financing a car. It also offers you the flexibility to turn in or buy the car at the end of the agreement, allowing you to drive the newest Ford models at a much more reasonable price than buying.  


Ford Expedition Lease Deals


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Oz Leasing puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your budget. By taking advantage of our built-in payment calculator, you can select the down payment that suits you and we will adjust your monthly payment automatically. Don’t want to make a down payment? enjoy a zero down Ford Expedition Lease by taking advantage of our customizable payment process.  Lease your Ford Expedition for zero down today.