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2020 Toyota Sequoia


Top Speed
0-60 MPH

2019 Toyota Sequoia Leasing Information

If you’re commuting to campsites almost as much as your commuting to work and you are on a first-name basis with your local park ranger, then leasing the Toyota Sequoia is clearly the right choice for you.

The roomy cabin seats eight and houses features that will keep everyone entertained. Two power outlets keep electronics powered while the available Blu-ray Player captivates audiences on long drives. Second-row climate control helps manage everyone’s temperature preferences and provides a comfortable environment whether you’re cruising through the desert or a sea of redwoods.

And Toyota knows when you’re carting around that many people, there’s bound to be some serious cargo. If the trunk space isn’t quite enough, the seats fold down for a whopping 120.1 cubic Ft. of space. When you’ve got both luggage and riders, the Sequoia’s roof rack really comes in handy for tents, surfboards, and other large items. For your really, really big goodies, the Sequoia is able to tow up to 7,400 lbs.

The standard 381 hp 5.7-liter V8 provides all the power and performance needed to manage all of your freight. Paired with Trailer-Sway Control to keep your hitched items in check on windy days. TOW/HAUL Mode provide additional support on inclines and declines by selecting transmission shifts points to optimize engine power. You have not known reliability like this.

Toyota Sequoia Lease FAQ

Q: How can I avoid going over my mileage?

A: We recommend thoroughly planning out both your weekly and monthly driving requirements and then pre-paying for any additional miles you may need. This can be done at a lower cost in comparison to paying for overages.

Q: Can I Swap my Toyota Sequoia for a different vehicle during my lease?

A: Unfortunately no. A lease is an agreement for just one specific make and model.

Q: Can I lease my Toyota Sequoia for less than 24 Months?

A: Typically lease terms are set at a minimum of 24 months. If you are looking for shorter terms, you may be interested in “taking over” someone else’s lease.

Toyota Sequoia Lease Deals

Here at Oz Leasing, we broker lease agreements on your behalf, so you’re only responsible for the fun part—choosing the features that best suit your needs. We work with dealerships across the US to ensure you are getting the best Toyota Sequoia lease deal. And that’s our guarantee.