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2020 Lexus ES350

MSRP $41660

131 Top Speed
6.6 0-60 MPH

Lexus ES350 Leasing Information

Lease the Lexus ES350 today for the lowest price nationwide. The Lexus ES350 is a luxury mid-sized sedan made for those who value comfort and refinement over all else. What the ES350 uniquely offers is a stylish ride that is designed to pamper its occupants.

Where many luxury sedans try to do many things and come up short in a few areas, the ES350 has a time-honored identity that it doesn’t stray from. It’s a true luxury sedan, built from the ground up to offer a smooth and quiet ride and a generous list of convenience features in an impressively stylish fashion.

The Lexus ES350’s interior follows the trend of classic yet high-tech interiors seen in many luxury models. With customizable trims materials and finishes, you can tailor-make your ES350 to suit your tastes. However you build it, material quality is consistently excellent throughout the cabin. The cabin is roomy and does an exceptional job keeping occupants comfortable in the front and rear quarters.

Lexus ES350 Lease FAQ

Q: What is “excess wear and use”?

A: Excess wear and use is defined as damage to a vehicle that is beyond normal wear. More information about what is or is not considered excessive can be found in your lease agreement or by asking one of our friendly car leasing experts.

Q: What is my lease maturity date?

A: Your lease maturity date can be found in your lease agreement and is the date the lease term expires and your vehicle is returned or purchased. For more information about lease end options feel free to ask one of our car leasing experts.

Q: How long does a lease end inspection take?

A: Lease end inspections generally take around 45 minutes to an hour barring unusual circumstances.

Lexus ES350 Lease Deals

Oz Leasing offers the most simple and affordable Lexus leasing nationwide with our easy to use online process. We deal directly with dealerships all over the country and negotiate deals on your behalf, guaranteeing the best price possible without the need to haggle with a dealer in person. We believe that hassle-free leasing shouldn’t come at the expense of getting an affordable lease, so kick back and find the vehicle that’s right for you while we find you the best deal available. Bookmark this page and watch the price change as we negotiate your lease in real time.

Oz Leasing puts you in the driver’s seat when determining your payments. By using the payment calculator on this page, you can select any down payment you desire and we will adjust your monthly payment accordingly. Don’t want to make a down payment? No problem! Enjoy a zero down Lexus ES350 lease by using our customizable payment process. Lease your Lexus ES350 for zero down today.