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2020 Hyundai Veloster

MSRP $20510

130 Top Speed
7.1 0-60 MPH

Hyundai Veloster Lease Information


Lease the Hyundai Veloster today for the lowest price nationwide. The Hyundai Veloster offers an economy hatchback that looks and feels like a premium model. The uniquely styled exterior sets it apart from other entry-level models in its class, giving drivers a real head-turner at an incredibly generous price.


The unique 3-door body style allows the Veloster to achieve the sporty look of a coupe, while keeping the practicality and ease of access of a 4-door compact crossover. The hatchback roofline gives even more utility, allowing for increased cargo capacity the many drivers find lacking among many compacts.


The interior has a modern and delightfully upscale appearance for its price. The instruments panel is neatly laid out giving the driver easy access to the vehicle’s various functions. The touchscreen interface sports good graphics and an intuitive use interface. A USB port and Bluetooth connectivity come standards and the optional Tech Package adds the convenient Apple Siri Eyes Free system and HD radio.


Hyundai Veloster Lease FAQ


Q: What does “residual value” refer to in my lease agreement?


A: The residual value is the estimated value of your leased Hyundai Veloster at the end of the scheduled lease term. It is used in calculating your lease payments.


Q: Is leasing a Hyundai Veloster the right choice for me?


A: That depends on your unique financial situation. Because leasing only covers the cost for the portion of the vehicle you use throughout the lease term rather than the entire value of the car, leasing generally has lower monthly payments than financing a purchase. Leasing also give you the unique flexibility to decide whether you want to buyout the lease, turn the vehicle in, or hop right into a brand-new Hyundai model.


Q: What happens if I need to return my leased Hyundai Veloster early?


A: You may turn in your leased Hyundai at any time. However, returning the vehicle too early may be considered an early termination under your lease agreement and you may be subject to additional charges.  


Hyundai Veloster Lease Deals


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