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2020 Buick Verano

MSRP $21990

24 Efficiency
130 Top Speed
8.0 0-60 MPH

Lease the 2019 Buick Verano Today!

Lease the Buick Verano today for the lowest price nationwide. The Buick Verano brings a luxury car personality to the compact-sedan class. The high-quality interior and refined ride quality give the Verano a luxurious feel at a competitive price.

This 5-seat compact sedan boasts an impressively well-crafted interior and a generous list of standard features for an entry-level sedan. The standard 17-inch alloy wheels, cruise control, dual-zone climate control, split-folding rear seats, and tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel come together to give the Verano an overall “premium” feel at an entry-level price.

Fuel economy is rated at a respectable 24mpg (21 city/31 highway) making for an overall economic approach to a luxurious cruise. The ride is incredibly comfortable for a compact sedan, offering a smooth and quiet ride over even the roughest pavements. Overall, the Buick Verano is an ideal choice for drivers that want a well-rounded compact sedan at a generous price.

Buick Verano Lease FAQ

Q: What charges can I expect at the end of my Buick Verano Lease?

A: When you turn in your leased Buick Verano, you are responsible for any excess wear-and-tear charges as well as any remaining payments, excess mileage charges, fees, taxes, and/or citations.

Q: What is considered excess wear and use?

A: The standards for wear and tear are outlined in your lease agreement. Any wear that is not excessive is considered normal wear. Excess wear and tear may include missing or broken parts, dented or damaged body panels, and cracked or broken glass.

Q: I have driven more than the allowed mileage on my Buick Verano, what will I be charged?

A: If you choose to return your leased Buick Verano and have exceeded the mileage limit, you will be subject to charges for additional mileage. The amount of these costs are detailed in your lease agreement.

Buick Verano Lease Deals

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