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2020 BMW X6 xDrive 40i

MSRP $68145

Horsepower: 300 @ 5800 RPM Top Speed
0-60 MPH

BMW X6 xDrive 40i Lease Information

Lease the BMW X6 xDrive 40i at zero down payment today and make this midsize luxury SUV yours!

With impressive style, remarkable agility, and raucous power, the new xDrive 40i is one of BMW’s most famous luxury SUVs in recent years. While the fastback design limits rear cargo space, overall, it’s a reasonably robust vehicle with a near-perfect blend of comfort and power.

The 300-hp 3.0-liter turbo inline-six with eight-speed automatic transmission power the X6 xDrive 40i. The Standard Driving Dynamics Control (SDSC) system allows five distinct driving modes with additional performance boost ensured by the superior air suspension.

BMW has generously upgraded the iDrive infotainment system to version 5.0 of the X6 xDrive 40i. It now adds touchscreen functionality for the iDrive display. Not just that, the premium packages on the latest X6 xDrive 40i models also boast additional features such as a Wi-Fi hotspot and wireless charging.

Standard safety features include BMW Assist emergency communication support, eight airbags, stolen vehicle recovery assistance, automatic crash notification, and so on.

BMW X6 xDrive 40i leasing FAQ

Q: Why should I lease the  BMW X6 xDrive 40i instead of buying it?

A: Depending on your budget, you may choose to either buy the  BMW X6 xDrive 40i or lease it from Carvoy. However, choosing to lease the X6 xDrive 40i will cost you only a fraction of the monthly fee that you would be paying for purchasing and financing it. Moreover, you will always have the option to buy the car you lease at a reasonable price at the end of the term. Even if you don’t wish to buy it, you could always turn it in and select another car or choose an upgraded model of the same vehicle.

Q: Do you recommend any particular insurance for a leased  BMW X6 xDrive 40i

A: Any physical damage, comprehensive, and collision insurance plan that meets government-mandated minimum requirements are compatible with a leased  BMW X6 xDrive 40i

Q: Who’s responsible for renewing the tags on a leased car – the leases or the leasing company?

A: As soon as the leasing agreement is officially validated, the lessee is fully responsible for renewing the leased vehicle’s registration at the appropriate time.