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2020 BMW i8 Coupe

MSRP $148495

228 @ 5,800 RPM Top Speed
0-60 MPH

BMW i8 Leasing Information


While the sleek, modern design and dihedral doors of the BMW I8 may have a unique body, it’s optimal for reducing drag and best conserving energy. The  I8 is a plug-in hybrid sports car that boasts the highest fuel efficiency, and eco-friendly, of any sports car. It has a combined force of 357 hp with the 7.1-kWh lithium-ion battery pack and turbocharged, inter-cooled DOHC 12-valve 1.5-liter engine and averages 38 MPGe and a record of 76 MPGe in short segments. The enhancement of dual motors will launch the I8 from 0-60 in just 4.2 seconds!

The charge ports in the back trunk minimize the storage space, but it still reasonably fits four passengers. The vehicle should take about 2.5 hours to completely charge the battery from empty, which you can do at one of the 25,000 public charge stations around the country or a Level 2 station at home.

Included are several luxury accommodations, such as heated seats, 11 built-in speakers, Bluetooth and smartphone integration, and real-time traffic display.

The I8 comes with four driving preference modes: Comfort (balanced motor), Sports (an ultra boost of functionality), ECO Pro (max fuel efficiency), and eDriver mode (pure electronic, emission-free).


BMW i8 Leasing FAQ


Q: Why lease a BMW I8 instead of buying?

A: Leasing allows you to try all the car’s features and capabilities for a set number of months or expected mileages. Many people choose to lease because they cannot commit to a full purchase, but still, want to experience the best BMW has to offer. OZ Leasing will allow you the freedom to craft a custom payment plan that suits your needs and wallet!


Q: Should anyone else drive my I8?

A: No, unless you have authorized the person as an approved driver in your lease agreement with your agent.


Q: Can I modify any part of my I8 lease contract after signing?

A: Yes! You are free to add miles or approved drivers after signing. Just request a call from us, and we will handle the rest. You are free to cancel your lease agreement early, but this will come at additional charges.


Q: Can I purchase the I8 at the end of lease contract?

A: Yes! At the end of your i8 lease agreement, you can choose to sign a new lease or buy the car you had.


Q: What happens if there is any damage or need for maintenance?

A: As the leaseholder, you are responsible for any damage and the minimum level of repairs and maintenance. You should also place the I8 under your insurance coverage.


BMW i8 Lease Deals

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