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2020 BMW i3 with Range Extender

MSRP $48,300

99MPH Top Speed
8.0 0-60 MPH

A BMW With Extra Speed

The BMW i3 With Range Extender is a classic electric vehicle designed with the same sleek and modern build as the BMW i3. This vehicle combines speed with style, by adding a greater mileage range. When you’re headed on a long-distance trip, enable ECO-PRO mode to make your vehicle last longer than ever. Need even more power? Put your car into ECO-PRO+ mode to get your range up even more. 

How It Works

The BMW i3 With Range Extender is made possible by the car’s minimal weight of 3064 pounds. The 170 horsepower electric engine means that the vehicle is able to reach speeds of up to 93 miles per hour. 

When you put the car into ECO-PRO+ mode to get the full mileage out of the car, your vehicle will strategically reduce the speed to 55 miles per hour. In addition, your heating and air conditioning systems will be reduced so that more energy is available for the engine. 

The Look

When you choose a BMW i3, you choose a vehicle that offers style and elegance. The large, 20-inch wheels add an element of excitement to your car, while the eucalyptus wood accents add a feeling of comfort. Enjoy leather seats colored by olive leaves that combine space with comfort. 

A Future Minded Car

Your BMW i3 is built with the environment in mind. From the interior to the exterior, the i3 has the earth at heart. When you invest in an i3, you know you’re choosing a car that makes a difference in sustainable and renewable energy. Ready to get started? Get in touch with Oz Leasing now to find your dream vehicle.