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2021 BMW 530i

MSRP $57995

Horsepower: 248 @ 5200 RPM Top Speed
0-60 MPH

BMW 530i Lease Information

The  BMW 530i lease is a next-generation luxury sedan that offers a near perfect blend of aesthetics and performance for a price that doesn’t go too harsh on your bank balance.

Apart from its distinctively charming design and build quality, the first thing you will notice about the  BMW 530e performance is BMW’s new wireless charging system created in collaboration with Daimler Benz. This new charging technology ensures that the battery is charged at a rate of 3.2 kW per hour, thus going from zero to 100% within 3.5 hours.

Under the hood, the vehicle carries a 2.0L Turbo I4 / electric motor capable of generating up to 248 HP / 310 LB-FT. The sedan achieves approximately 31 miles on electricity while the total range is touted as just over 400 miles. The motor is placed in the gearbox bell placed between the eight-speed auto transmission and the engine, whereas the lithium battery (9.2 kWh) is mounted right underneath the rear seats. Some of the other cool features include a detector that prevents children from getting injured if they stick a rake beneath the vehicle, as well as an animal detector that automatically activates safety measures if, for example, your cat suddenly decides to take a nap under the warm engine during winter.

BMW 530i Lease FAQ

Q: How do sales tax laws apply to the  BMW 530i lease?

A: While sales tax laws vary from state to state, in most states the lessee is required to pay a certain amount of sales tax on their monthly lease payments. Contact our in-house experts for further insight into the tax laws applicable in your region.

Q: How does leasing a  BMW 530i affect my credit score?

A: Leasing any vehicle is a debt obligation just like a bank loan, and it will affect your credit score in the same way as a loan would. In fact, the transactions related to the lease may appear as a loan on your credit report.

Q: What kind of insurance coverage is recommended for a  BMW 530i lease?

A: Under existing laws, you are required to have physical damage, comprehensive, and collision insurance under the government mandated minimum requirements.

BMW 530i Lease Deals

Oz leasing will grant you access to some of the best  BMW 530i lease deals you will come across anywhere in the country. Our mission is to ensure that you are through with the whole leasing process with absolutely no hassle whatsoever, while at the same time bringing you the best offers you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

Our in-house experts will take care of most of the paperwork necessary, as well as the negotiation process on behalf of you. Not only that, but we will also follow your lead when it comes to the payment modules. You can choose a down payment amount of your preference using our payment calculator, and we will adjust the subsequent monthly payments accordingly. In case you think you are not ready to make a down payment just yet, don’t worry! We also have custom payment schemes that allow zero down payment leases.