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2021 BMW 440i Coupe

MSRP $62535

Horsepower: 320hp @ 5,500 RPM Top Speed
0-60 MPH

BMW 440i Coupe Leasing Specials & Information

Designed with both style and performance in mind, the 2019 BMW 440i Coupe is an impressive option.

If you had to picture a perfectly designed coupe, you couldn’t do much better than the 440i. It all starts with the front end. The double kidney grille and LED headlights give the 440i a sporty, athletic look that spreads throughout the rest of the design. From the gently sloping roofline to the long, stretched body, everything about the 440i Coupe screams athleticism.

This style translates into the interior of the vehicle as well. Built with the modern driver in mind, the interior of the 440i features everything that a driver could want or need. Driver’s can access information that they need through the BMW Head-Up Display. This feature includes both the BMW Navigation system and the BMW Connected app that allows drivers to link their smartphone to their vehicle.

Exhilaration reinvented; the compelling driving dynamics of the BMW 440i  Coupe is beautifully practical and the total power performer.

The BMW 440i Coupe fuses stunning exterior and typical BMW magical, smooth-sailing performance with innovative performance. Features combine excellent head and leg space, a large trunk, and unique interior design elements.

With an estimated 25 mpg combined (21 city/32 highway) fuel economy, the affordability of this charming city-dweller reaches beyond the price-tag. The 3.0-liter turbocharged 6-cylinder with available 8-speed Sport Automatic transmission with automatic Sport and Manual shift modes provide substantial power for its small and lightweight stature, and the responsive steering and handling make it a pleasure to drive.

However, the  BMW 440i Coupe is even more impressive where it counts: performance. For those interested in accelerating their performance, the  440i features the available 8-speed Steptronic transmission. With the Steptronic transmission, drivers experience ideal levels of dynamics, efficiency, and ride comfort.

BMW 440i Coupe Leasing FAQ

Q: Why should I lease the  BMW 440i Coupe?

A: When you lease the  BMW 440i Coupe, you’re able to experience all that BMW has to offer at an affordable rate. With Oz Leasing, you’re able to search and find your vehicle within minutes. We even deliver your car straight to you!

Q: Can someone else drive my car while I’m leasing it?

A: If you have not added any other drivers to your lease, you should never let anyone else drive the car. If you need to add someone to your lease, you can contact your lease agent to make adjustments. Otherwise, you run the risk of voiding your lease agreement or incurring penalties.

Q: Can I make changes to my lease?

A: Yes, of course, you can! Simply call your lease agent to discuss any changes that you would like to make. Whether it’s adding more miles to your lease or considering cancellation, your agent can help you out.

Q: Am I able to purchase the  BMW 440i Coupe at the end of my lease?

A: Of course! At the end of your lease agreement, you have the option of paying the difference so that you can own the car.

Q: What do I do if I damage my lease vehicle?

A: When you lease your car, you take on all responsibility for damages, repairs, and general maintenance.

BMW 440i Coupe Lease Deals

Oz Leasing exists to make your life easier! While you could go the traditional route with a salesperson, Oz Leasing allows leasing to be done entirely online. Just choose the BMW you want and what lease terms suit you best.  Then we will deliver your new BMW right to your front door, freshly washed and ready to go.