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2020 Toyota Sienna

MSRP $32510

Top Speed
0-60 MPH

2019 Toyota Sienna Leasing Information

Get all the fierce power behind the most versatile Toyota Sienna Minivan ever. Also, this minivan has the best fuel efficiency in Toyota’s Minivan lineup. The powerful 280 horsepower gets you where you need to go, fast. The fuel-efficient powertrain keeps you in the green. This vehicle also has a high fuel efficiency of 30mpg city and 28mpg highway. These are just a few of the features that led to the Sienna’s Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle rating.

With all the safety features of the original Sienna —Toyota’s Star Safety System, Lane Departure Alert, Steering Assist, the Pre-Collision System—the Sienna provides more control with the Electric On-Demand All-Wheel Drive. So you can worry less about weather conditions on the road and more about weather-proofing your weekend.

2019 Toyota Sienna Features

But the safety suite isn’t the only tech that makes the Sienna an ideal choice for long drives. USB charging ports come standard and available technology—Driver Easy Speak, Entune Multimedia Bundle, three-zone automatic climate control, Blu-ray Disc Entertainment System—make riding in the cabin a treat for all. 

If you’re considering a mid-size Minivan, your destinations likely need more gear than the average commute. The Sienna can tow up to 3,500 lbs and provides cargo space enough for eight, so getting the family and the boat up to the lake is as painless as possible. And when there’s more luggage than passengers, the specially-designed trunk and folding third-row seats provide additional room for fishing poles, snowboards, camping tents, and a pooch or two.

2019 Toyota Sienna Lease FAQs

Q: Can I return my Toyota Sienna early?

A: In most cases yes, you can, although there will likely be an early termination fee.

Q: How will my leased Toyota Sienna appear on my credit report?

A: A car lease will appear as a debt obligation, basically like a loan that you are paying off.

Q: How should I calculate mileage?

A: Car lease mileage allowances guarantee as miles per year or annual mileage. For example, a lease might allow 12,000 miles per year. Divide by 12 to get 1,000 miles per month. If the lease is for, say, 24 months, multiply 24 times the monthly mileage allowance of 1,000 miles to get a total of 24,000 miles for the entire lease term.

2019 Toyota Sienna Lease Deals

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