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2020 Jeep Compass

MSRP $28140

130 Top Speed
9.7 0-60 MPH

Jeep Compass Leasing Information


Lease the Jeep Compass today for the lowest price nationwide. The Jeep Compass is an affordable option in the compact crossover segment offering generous space for cargo and people, comfort, and even a little off-road capability to accommodate those with the occasional craving for adventure.


What sets the Jeep compass apart in the crowded compact crossover segment is its ability to expertly tackle challenges on and off the road. On the street, it offers car-like steering and handling, making it a great urban commuter. Taken off the beaten path, the well-tuned suspension and stiff chassis handle uneven terrain seamlessly.


The Compass’s interior is delightfully modern, offering three different versions of the Uconnect infotainment system sporting a variety of entertainment and tech features. The responsive touchscreen and customizable menus are easy to navigate and rich with function. If you are in the market for a compact crossover and want a versatile option that’s affordable and complete with modern technology features, the Jeep Compass is a strong contender.


Jeep Compass Lease FAQ


Q: Is it possible to return my leased Jeep Compass before the scheduled end date?


A: Yes, but you may be subject to substantial charges depending on how early you are turning in the vehicle. See your lease agreement for more information about early termination.


Q: Are there any additional charges at the end of the lease?


A: You may be charged for excess wear and use depending on the condition and mileage of the vehicle when you return it at the end of the lease. You may also be responsible for any past due amounts or unpaid taxes. See your lease agreement for more information.


Q: Will I have the option to buy my leased Jeep Compass at the end of the lease term?


A: Absolutely. At the end of your lease term you can turn in the vehicle, lease a new vehicle, or buy the vehicle.


Jeep Compass Lease Deals


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