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2020 Jaguar XJ

MSRP $77372

155 Top Speed
6.0 0-60 MPH

Jaguar XJ Leasing Information


Lease the Jaguar XJ today for the lowest price nationwide. The Jaguar XJ full size luxury sedan is just about everything one could dream of in a luxury model. Capable and accommodating performance and ride-quality, indisputably handsome exterior styling, and a comfortable interior come together to create an experience that is truly luxurious.


There is a lot to like about the XJ, but it’s interior is what stands out the most. The high-quality leather and chrome accents matched with ambient interior lighting make for incredible in-cabin aesthetics. The instrument panel is replaced by a digital display with customizable lighting and layout options and the touchscreen infotainment system gives simple and distraction free access to the vehicle’s navigation and audio functions. The beautiful leather seats can be outfitted with heating, cooling, and even massage functions. Overall, the XJ’s interior looks and feels high class in just about every way imaginable.


Jaguar XJ Lease FAQ


Q: What will happen if I drive more miles than my annual limit?


A: If you exceed the annual mileage limit in your leased Jaguar XJ, you will pay the Excess Mileage charge outlined in your lease agreement.


Q: When the lease ends, will I be able to buy my leased Jaguar XJ?


A: Absolutely. Leasing gives you the flexibility to buy your vehicle, trade it in for a new Jaguar vehicle, or simply return it once the lease term has ended.


Q: Can make repairs to my leased Jaguar XJ prior to the lease-end inspection to prevent excess wear and use charges?


A: Yes. It is recommended that you have your leased vehicle inspected one to two months before the lease ends to give you time to make any necessary repairs.   


Jaguar XJ Lease Deals


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Oz Leasing puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to making your lease payments. By using our built-in payment calculator, you can select the down payment that works best for your budget and lifestyle and we will adjust your monthly payment automatically. Don’t want to make a down payment? No problem! Enjoy a zero down Jaguar XJ Lease by taking advantage of our customizable payment process.  Lease your Jaguar XJ for zero down today.