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2020 Honda Civic Coupe

MSRP $21880

34 Efficiency
140 Top Speed
5.9 0-60 MPH

Honda Civic Coupe Leasing Information


Lease the Honda Civic Coupe today for the lowest price nationwide. The Honda Civic Coupe takes everything that driver’s love about the Honda Civic Sedan (hyperlink) and offers it in a stylish and sporty two-door package.


The Civic Coupe makes little compromise for its 2-door sports car appeal. Seating remains comfortable for all 4 passengers and cargo space leads its class. Honda makes intelligent use of its interior space, leading to a cabin that feels incredibly roomy for a coupe. High quality materials make for a comfortable ride on long trips.


The Civic Coupe’s comfortable interior is packed with handsome and practical technology features. The instrument cluster is displayed via a 7-inch digital screen that shows the driver critical information such as RPM, speed, and fuel economy at the push of a button. The HondaLink infotainment system features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto  for convenient hands-free smartphone integration.


The 1.5 Liter turbo four-cylinder delivers excellent performance and the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) giving you power when you need while providing excellent fuel economy and a smooth ride quality.


Honda Civic Coupe Lease FAQ


Q: What are the benefits of leasing a Honda Civic Coupe?


A: Leasing allows you to drive the newest Honda models without committing to purchase. With contracts ranging from 12-60 months and multiple mileage limit options you can customize your lease agreement to perfectly fit into your budget and lifestyle. When the lease ends, you get to choose whether you want to turn it in, jump right into a brand-new model, or purchase the vehicle.


Q: Is it still a good idea to lease a Honda Civic Coupe if I drive more than 15,000 miles per year?


A: Absolutely. You can’t change your mileage allowance once the lease begins but you can purchase additional miles up front at a much lower price than you would at lease end.   


Q: Do I need to perform maintenance on my leased Honda Civic Coupe?


A: Yes. You are responsible for maintaining your leased vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s minimum recommendations. More information about your maintenance responsibilities will be included in your lease agreement.


Honda Civic Coupe Lease Deals


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