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2020 BMW 640i Gran Coupe

MSRP $85500

Horsepower: 315 @ 5800 RPM Top Speed
5.4s 0-60 MPH

BMW 640i Gran Coupe Leasing Specials & Information

The first four-door coupe in BMW history, the  BMW 640i Gran Coupe is just as revolutionary as it looks. When first looking at the 640i Gran Coupe, most people are drawn to the newly styled kidney grille that helps to establish the wide, aggressive stance. From there, the 640i Gran Coupe commands your attention with its long, sweeping contour lines. Stepping into the vehicle, you see what makes BMW such a unique brand. The 640i Gran Coupe features ambient lighting that provides a warm glow across the cabin. Built-in Wi-Fi and a wireless charging pocket are just a couple of other features that make this a groundbreaking vehicle.

However, that isn’t all. Under the hood, drivers get a 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo 6-cylinder engine that gets an impressive 315 horsepower. The engine provides a smooth, compelling experience.

BMW 640i Gran Coupe FAQs

Q: I’ve never leased before. Why should I start with the BMW 640i Gran Coupe?

A: For those looking to drive an excellent vehicle without committing to purchasing, leasing is the perfect option. There are flexible options in both the length of your lease and the number of miles that you can drive. Also, you get all of the benefits that come with driving a BMW.

Q: My brother wants to drive my car. Is that ok?

A: If your brother isn’t on your lease, he can’t drive the car. If you allow anyone who isn’t named on your lease to drive your car, you open yourself up to fines and liability. With a quick call to your lease agent, you can add someone to your lease.

Q: I realized that I need to make changes to my agreement. Is the possible?

A: Flexibility is one of the main advantages of leasing a car. If you realize halfway through that you need to add miles to your contract or make other changes, you can do all of this through your lease agent.

Q: I accidentally damaged my car. Do I have to pay for that?

A: As part of your lease deal, you agree to pay for damages, repairs, and all general maintenance. To protect yourself further, consider adding your lease vehicle to your insurance.

BMW 640i Gran Coupe Lease Deals

At Carvoy, we offer convenience. Although you could labor through the traditional process of talking with a salesperson, we’ve found that most people don’t want to do that. Our do-it-yourself model allows you to take control of the process.

You can load all of your options on your computer to sort through the best deals to find the lease that best fits your budget. Once you’ve selected your car, we even take care of all of the negotiations for you.

You’re just a few clicks and some basic information away from leasing your new BMW 640i Gran Coupe.

Once you’ve we’ve approved your transaction we deliver the car straight to your house. You never even have to leave the comfort of your home!