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2020 BMW 440i Gran Coupe

MSRP $56970

27 Efficiency
Top Speed
0-60 MPH

BMW 440i Gran Coupe Leasing Information

With its elegant four-door concept, the BMW 440i Gran Coupe is the perfect blend of classy and sporty. Its inherent elegance is evident at first glance. From the double kidney grille to the sculpted LED headlights to the LED fog lights, the front end of the vehicle creates a lasting first impression that extends throughout the car. The athletic silhouette, enhanced by its stretched styling and frameless windows, sets the 440i Gran Coupe apart from the crowd. 

The elegant exterior extends to the interior. It’s driver-oriented design blends sporty and functional elements seamlessly. With the BMW Heads-Up Display, drivers have access to everything that they need at the touch of a finger. From the BMW Navigation system to the BMW Connected app that connects driver’s smartphones to their vehicle, everything is there. 

With everything that the 440i Gran Coupe has to offer, it should come as no surprise that its performance is high-grade as well. Choice powers the 440i Gran Coupe. Drivers can choose between several high-powered engines, with either rear-wheel or all-wheel drive, for a driving experience unlike any other. 

BMW 440i Gran Coupe Leasing FAQ

Q: Why would someone want to lease the BMW 440i Gran Coupe?

A: There are several reasons you might want to lease, the most important being your freedom to drive without committing to a full the purchase price. Drivers have flexibility in how many miles they purchase with their lease, and you get the impressive service of Oz Leasing as well. 

Q: Can anyone drive the car on my lease?

A: The short answer is no. If you allow someone to drive your car whom we have not approved on your lease, you open yourself up to liability and penalties. If you would like to add someone to your lease, call your agent to discuss your options. 

Q: I would like to change to my lease terms. Is this possible?

A: Not only is it possible, but it’s easy as well. With a phone call to your lease agent, you can discuss everything from adding a driver to your lease to extending the number of miles that you’re allowed to drive. 

Q: I want to purchase the 440i Gran Coupe. Can I?

A: Of course! Many people fall in love with their car and want to purchase it at the end of their lease. If you pay the difference, the car is yours forever. 

Q: I damaged my car. What do I do?

A: As part of your lease agreement, you’re responsible for all damages, repairs, and general vehicle maintenance. However, you can put your car under your insurance plan to protect against costs. 

BMW 440i Gran Coupe Lease Deals

For a smooth, stress-free transaction, let Oz Leasing take care of your lease today! Instead of dealing with a traditional salesperson, you can choose your car from the comfort of your own home. Once you’ve selected your car, we deliver it straight to your door!