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2020 BMW 228i

MSRP $38495

Top Speed
0-60 MPH

2020 BMW 228i Leasing Specials & Information

The 3-series is the benchmark for all sports sedans. The heart and soul of the 3-series are its driving dynamics. It is simply a joy to drive. It comes with a turbo-diesel and plug-in hybrid alternatives. An eight speed-automatic or six-speed manual transmissions are available. You can choose between rear- and all-wheel drive.

In everyday driving, it is smooth and seamless. Sports mode makes the car quick and snappy. On the open road, 2020 BMW 228i shines. There is always more than enough power. The transmission seems to be always in the right gear. There is ideal power distribution at corners. It is a well-balanced car. It will get out of hand only when you force it. However, stability control will immediately set it right.

Steering is very direct, responsive and impressively smooth, which makes 2020 BMW 228i very easy yet fun to drive. When the road starts to wind, it makes driving rewarding. Steering is lighter and more parking lot friendly in the standard comfort mode or eco mode. 2020 BMW 228ihas excellent stability, and you can control it well at any speed.

Idrive interface makes the 3-series easier to bear in the heavy traffic. Idrive has become a standard of ease of use after years of development. Controls are ergonomic, and menus are logical. All the comfort needs you can access through the interactive information screen. You click and scroll through the menus through a big knob on the console. The controller pad even recognizes handwriting. That way you can scribble contact names, numbers, or you can input destinations. The real-time traffic information system is also available. It gives you a good estimate for when you are going to arrive. You can also reroute around traffic snarls which makes it as good as Google Maps.

Sports seats are perfectly comfortable and adjust to your preference. They even feature side bolsters which can tighten up to lock you in for some high-speed driving. The rear seats are spacious. Two large adults or three kids fit in comfortably.

The trunk is spacious, and it comes with split-folding rear seats so you can easily fit in longer items like skies. BMW built the interior with quality and attention to detail. Everything feels locked down and secured. A touch of glossy wood trims adds some warmth and luxury. 

The 2020 BMW 228i is a truly reliable, rock-solid sedan to own – both inside and out. It has a conservative and tasteful design. The more time you spend with this car, the more you will appreciate how well everything is laid out. It is easy to see why BMW is a benchmark for the class.

2020 BMW 228i Leasing FAQ 

Q: Why should I lease the 2020 BMW 228i?

A: Leasing allows you to experience the 2020 BMW 228i without committing to ownership and you’ll often pay less each month. 

Q: Can anyone else drive my 2020 BMW 228i?

A: No. Whoever wants to drive your 2020 BMW 228ii, has to be approved under your contract.

Q: Can I make changes to my BMW lease agreement?

A: Yes. All you need to do is give your agent a call.

Q: At the end of my lease, can I buy the 2020 BMW 228i?

A: Yes. You can do that at the end of your lease agreement.

Q: What do I do if my new BMW gets damaged?

A: Speak with your auto insurance company regarding what they do and do not cover.

2020 BMW 228i Lease Deals

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