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2020 BMW 328i Diesel


34 Efficiency
Top Speed
0-60 MPH

BMW 328i Diesel Leasing Information

The BMW 328i diesel is a utility vehicle with sports car ambitions. It has upgraded the suspension and steering features to sharpen the handling, reduce roll, and improve stability. The 2.0l 4-cylinder engine got a new Sport+ gear that has higher-revving and more dramatic performance out of the 8-speed gearbox.

The BMW 328i diesel is very sturdy. Its low center of gravity and wide-square wheelbase plant it securely to the pavement. Thus it is well prepared for the open road. This car is made for freeways. Above 50 miles per hour, the  BMW 328i diesel becomes the king of the road. It holds to the pavement beautifully, and it is going to make you long to be driven somewhere far away.

The interior has sort of private club feel to it with a comfortable atmosphere. It is full of luxurious materials and soft surfaces. Wood trim with pearl gloss chrome accents dominates in the interior. Dakota leather upholstery and ambient lighting further accentuate the feeling of intimacy and comfort. The ride is tranquil. More than engine rubble, you will be able to hear tire and road noise. It includes push-button start and electronic gear selector but stays loyal to the good old-fashioned handbrake. In  BMW 328i diesel, there is most definitely room to stretch. A Panoramic Moonroof further emphasizes a feeling of spaciousness.

This gorgeous vehicle is an ideal car for just about any occasion. It offers incredible comfort and generous storage space, a renowned design of a 3-series, and the performance and power of a real BMW.

BMW 328i Diesel Leasing FAQ

Q: Why should I lease the BMW 328i diesel?

A: At an affordable mileage rate (starting at 7,500, 10,000, 12,000, and 15,000) you can experience the BMW 328i diesel and all it has to offer. Within minutes, you can browse and select a car on our Oz Leasing website. Once you choose your vehicle, we will deliver your car to you!

Q: Is it possible for anyone else to drive my diesel 328i?

A: Do not let others drive your 328i diesel. Whoever wants to drive your car, first we need to approve them under your contract. If you wish for someone else to drive your vehicle, contact your lease agent today. Talk to him about adjustments that you would like to make and ask him to authorize someone else to drive.

Q: In case of an unforeseeable event, could I make changes to my lease agreement?

A: Indeed, you could make changes to your rental agreement. All that is necessary to do is to get in touch with your contract agent and let her know what kind of changes you need to make. For instance, you could add more miles to your agreement. Just in case – to make sure you are not going to run out. Also, you could terminate the contract early at the cost of a cancellation fee.

Q: Can I buy the  BMW 328i diesel at the end of the lease?

A: Of course! You could buy the 328i diesel or sign a new lease contract.

Q: What should I do if I damaged the car?

A: The best thing is to place your vehicle under your insurance, as you accept responsibility for all damages, repairs, and maintenance.

BMW 328i Diesel Lease Deals

This Diesel-fueled car is a perfect car for any occasion. With Oz Leasing you will get the best deal out there. Fill out the required information above, and we will get back to you very soon.

Enjoy a zero down payment on all vehicle in stock! Experience the incredible comfort and sports car qualities today!