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2019 BMW M240i Coupe

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Lease Payment
$612 /month (Exc. taxes and fees)
Down Payment
75,00 miles per year


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2019 BMW M240i Coupe Leasing Information

If you’re looking for an exciting new luxury coupe that guarantees a near-perfect blend of style, comfort, and power without going too harsh on your bank balance, lease the 2019 BMW 240i.

The 240i sits right there at the pinnacle of the 2 Series Coupe class. It flaunts a unique set-up for suspension and steering, both fine-tuned to match the improved performance of the ultra-punchy engine.

There are multiple tweaks, all aimed t improving the efficiency of the 240i compared to its counterparts. These tweaks include automatic throttle blips on downshifts for the manual trim and more extensive ratios and launch control for the eight-speed auto.
Not just that, BMW has also done a pretty decent job improving the engine smoothness. The 335 bhp engine with its 369-lb-ft at just 1400-rpm is powerful enough to push the vehicle zero to 62mph in about 4.8 seconds.

There’s more than enough room for two adults in the front, with sufficient head and legroom, deep door pockets, a decently-sized glove box, and a central cubby. The rear seats are not as spacious and comfy as the front seats, but easily manageable for the average adult.


2019 BMW 240i Coupe Leasing FAQ

Q: How many miles do I get per annum on my 2019 BMW 240i lease?
A: WIth Oz Leasing you have three standard options: 7,500 miles, 10,000 miles, and 15,000 miles per year. However, anytime you feel as though you are going to exceed your mileage limit, you can make a small payment to buy additional miles.

Q: What’s the difference between buying a BMW 240i and leasing it?
A: The fundamental difference between leasing and buying any vehicle is that the monthly cost of leasing is way less than what you would usually pay for financing the purchase. Moreover, it’s not like that both decisions have to be mutually exclusive. Don’t forget that you retain the right to buy the car you have leased. So if you’re impressed enough to purchase the 240i Coupe by the end of your lease agreement, Oz Leasing will help you wrap up the deal at a reasonable price.

Q: What happens when you reach the end of your lease agreement?
A: You have four options at the end of your lease: You may return the vehicle and end the contract, opt for a renewal, lease another car, or you may buy the car you leased!


2019 BMW 240i Coupe Lease Deals & Specials

Oz Leasing brings you some of the best 2019 BMW 240i deals you will come across anywhere in the country. Our process is simple and doesn’t require you to sweat over the technical nitty-gritty. Our representatives will oversee the negotiation process on behalf of you and handle most of the paperwork.

You can choose a down payment of your choice using our proprietary payment calculator, and we will adjust the subsequent monthly payments accordingly. Not ready to make a down payment? That’s okay too! We have a custom payment schedule that allows leases on zero down payments.

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M240i Coupe
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