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2020 BMW 430i xDrive Gran Coupe

MSRP $47375

258 lb-ft @ 1,450 RPM Top Speed
5.5s 0-60 MPH

BMW 430i Gran Coupe Lease Specials & Information

Lease the  BMW 430i Gran Coupe today at an affordable price and let us handle all the paperwork! With an aggressive, yet classy and tasteful design, the 430i Gran Coupe is stunning in every sense of the word!

Rather than the conventionally designed 4 Series Coupe variant or 3 Series sedan, the next-generation 4 Series Gran Coupe variant offers a unique combination of the utility of a hatchback, the versatility of a four-door setup, and a coupe-like frame.

The highlights include a firm and steady suspension, rearview camera, keyless ignition and entry, an upgraded infotainment system, revamped LED headlights and taillights, improved front and rear parking sensors, satellite radio and more!

The turbocharged 2-liter inline-four engine powers the 430i with available rear or automatic all-wheel drive.

BMW 430i Gran Coupe Lease FAQ

Q: Can I have my leased  BMW 430i Gran Coupe repaired before returning it to avoid wear and tear charges?

A: Yes, we encourage customers to have their leased vehicles serviced two to three months ahead of the end of their lease agreement.

Q: How exactly can I benefit by leasing the  BMW 430i Gran Coupe?

A: There are several benefits of leasing the 430i instead of buying it, the most important of which is the cost difference. Leasing a vehicle will likely end up being much less expensive compared to buying it. By leasing the  BMW 430i Gran Coupe from Oz Leasing, you will be paying a much smaller monthly fee as opposed to what you would be paying if you purchased it on finance.

Q: What options do I have when my lease agreement ends?

A: At the end of each lease agreement, we give our customers four options to choose from: ending the lease, renew the lease, leasing another vehicle, buying the leased car at the end of term at a discounted price.

Q: Who can I authorize to drive the car?

A: Your lease agreement contract will detail exactly who can drive. Usually, the lessee gets to choose who they want to authorize to drive their leased vehicle. 

2020 BMW 430i Gran Coupe Leasing Deals

Oz Leasing brings you the most affordable and practical  BMW 430i Gran Coupe deals you will find anywhere in the United States. By using our platform, you get access to a wide range of vehicles and their many different trims to choose.

Not only do we offer affordable deals on luxury cars, but we are also willing to adjust payments with custom packages. We offer zero down signing on all vehicles available.